Marriah Publishing provides an extensive network of writers, editors,  graphic designers, public relations and marketing consultants.  Our team is experienced and knowledgeable and can guide you in creating your book.

Publishing Services


Marriah Publishing is an alternative publishing house that brings credibility to authors who want to use their book as a marketing tool and gain exposure around the world.  Having the Marriah Publishing Imprint in your book helps authors with sales, exposure and speaking engagements.  


We believe that writing the book on your area of expertse, distiguishes you from your competition and solidifies you as the Authority in your field.


Our Services include:  


  • Book Development

  • ISBN

  • Author Pages

  • Website Services

  • Editing

  • Ghostwriting

  • Formatting

  • Cover Design

  • Printing

  • Public Relations and Marketing

International Rights


Marriah Publishing focuses on our International Rights program for our authors.  Our company has an exclusive agreement with an internationally known top consultanting company with the ability to get our books into countries all over the globe.  


Our Authors have the opportunity to highlight their book in an exclusive catalog and on-line book gallery network.

Ghost Writing


For executives who don't have the time that it takes to dedicate writing a book, Marriah Publishing offers ghostwriting and creative development services.  Our ghostwriters will shape your ideas into a structured, creative book, all from your thoughts.  If you have ever wanted to write a book but just do not have the time or organization, this service is for you.  We will match up the ghostwriter to your area of expertise and personality.