Erica From America

What is it like to set a goal that seems so crazy that all of your friends and family think you are crazy?

Erica from America: Swimming from Europe to Africa tells the story of Erica, who, as a child grew up wanting to do everything, and later decided to swim the Strait of Gibraltar. Her friends think she is crazy but Erica is determined (even if a little nervous) and decides she is going to swim from Europe to Africa no matter what. But when she gets to Spain, her plans are interrupted by the winds and another group of swimmers, who befriend her and ask her to swim with them. But ultimately, she and the other swimmers are all set to swim. They reach their goal to swim from Europe to Africa but not without a lot of activity during the swim!

Erica from America is a spunky character who wants to show the world how to dream big and then go about achieving those dreams…even when there are lot of things or people who may get in the way. She hopes to inspire every child – girl or boy – to dream big and then reach for more.

About The Author:

Erica L Moffett is a freelance writer when she is not working at her day job as Managing Director & Associate Director of Equity Research at Oppenheimer or swimming in the pools, rivers, or oceans.

Erica from America: Swimming from Europe to Africa is her first children’s book and it is based on her own swim from Europe to Africa, which is was one of her first big open water swims. Subsequently she went on to swim the English Chanel, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, and the Catalina Channel, along with a few others (though those are the big ones). More Erica from America books are planned, though they may involve some other adventure other than swimming.

She is also working on a memoir about her own adoption experience and going back to to search for her birth family (see the section “Are You My Mother?” for a preview), and when she has the time, she also writes reviews for (and just for fun!).

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Spanish & Korean versions available this spring!