What's Wrong With Mommy?

Ride The Wave of Postpartum Depression With A Mother of Nine.

When JoAnne Diaz had her ninth child and moved into a new home a week later she experienced her second bout of postpartum depression. As opposed to her first mild bout of postpartum depression with her fourth child this bout was quite severe landing her in the emergency room. Enjoying a new baby and the home of dreams was supposed to be the happiest of times but instead it became the scariest time in her life. Faced with a wave of postpartum depression for months on end JoAnne battled what many mothers of newborns face: intrusive thoughts, severe anxiety and depression. During her recovery she vowed to help other women who were also battling this illness and so began writing her book. In her book she shares her personal story with postpartum depression and how she survived it. She hopes to break the stigma around this illness which is experienced by millions of women yet so very misunderstood.

About The Author:

JoAnne Diaz is a happily married wife and mother to nine children ages ten and under. When JoAnne is not being chased by her children she works part-time as a Systems Administrator. In JoAnne's "spare" time she blogs and writes books. You can follow JoAnne's adventures on Twitter, Facebook and on her blog: www.camaraderiemom.com