Anne Thornton’s Insider Guide to Home Improvement is filled with tips, reminders, checklists and calendars to help you manage your home repair and remodeling projects, whether you use a contractor or do it yourself.

This is not a book that tells you how to fix everything in your house. It doesn't even really tell you how to save money on hiring someone to fix things. But it does candidly tell you the important things to know for anyone who owns or even rents a home. Most homeowners are not naturally inclined to make their own repairs, or to keep up with constantly-changing construction and safety codes. This book gives the reader enough knowledge to understand fundamentally how every system in a house works, so they can make educated decisions about repairs and remodeling. It also explains why it's important for contractors to be organized, licensed, and willing to work under the terms of a contract.
This is an excellent book especially for new homeowners of either gender and will give them a comprehensive understanding of all the interconnected components of a contemporary house. Will make a fantastic housewarming gift.

About The Author:

Anne Thornton knows first hand that being knowledgeable, prepared and proactive can make a huge difference in both the severity of a problem and the cost to repair that problem. She is the founder and president of MSI Plumbing & Remodeling, one of New Jersey’s few woman owned plumbing and remodeling companies. In over 25 years in business, Anne has grown her company to a multi-million dollar operation providing building repairs, remodeling and licensed plumbing services to residential and commercial properties throughout central New Jersey.