Worker safety is seldom entertaining, thought-provoking, or inviting but this book is all that and more.

 “Chris Rock once said: "You can only offend me if you mean something to me". Phil's writing doesn’t pull punches and may be a bit like someone swinging a bag of broken glass in a crowded room but if his words cut deep and gouge a lot of nerves it’s only because he has the insight and courage to articulate what many of us are thinking and, for the rest, still struggling with weird feelings, he puts his gnarly finger right on it. People love him because he has empathy and vents on their behalf, people hate him because he has figured them out, exposed them, challenged their worldview and sent their cognitive dissonance into meltdown.  Either way, Phil's writing means something to everyone. He has inspired and completely changed the trajectory and style of my own writing. In the words of another safety literary legend and fellow Phil Fan, the late George Robotham: "It would be a boring world if everybody agreed with me".
                       —Dave Collins, Creator, Editor,  and Publisher

About The Author:

A self-described provocateur and iconoclast, Phil La Duke has poked and prodded the word of safety asking those awkward questions about some of the Safety professions most sacred truisms and indelicately pointing out flaws in long established and accepted safety practices.  Phil La Duke is an itinerant pot stirrer, internationally renowned executive consultant, safety expert, speaker, blogger, trainer, and business author. He frequently guest lectures at universities including presentations at Tulane, Loyola, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins and is on the Wayne State Biomedical Safety Board.  With over 250 published works in print, La Duke, has contributed content to numerous notable magazines and is published on all inhabited continents. Mr. La Duke’s take-no-prisoners style garnered him positions on Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) magazine’s Power 101 (a list of the world’s most influential people working in worker safety) and its list of Up and Comers in Safety Thought Leadership.


 “Phil’s passion comes through in virtually everything he writes. He is an outspoken advocate for employee engagement and respect for workers”


 - Dr. Paul Marciano, Best selling author of Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement with the Principles of Respect and Super Teams:Using the Principles of Respect to Unleash Explosive Business Performance